Friday, 21 October 2011

Visit to zoo

Last Sunday I went see zoo. I went with my friend. We went by bus. We reached there at 10 am.  There was a long Queue for tickets. We stood in the queue. Our Turn came after one hour. We went inside. There was much crowd. There was a map near the entrance. Firstly we studied that map and made a plan to cover every section in shortest time. We started with “birds section “. Some birds were caged and some others were free to move around a small lake. Then we moved to “reptile section” There were descriptions on every cage which explained about the nature of animal inside. We noted down some details. We kept walking and saw apes, lions, elephant, rhinoceros, zebra, Giraffe, etc. It took almost four hours to cover the whole area. We were tired. We ate some snacks. We came back home in the late evening. Memory of that day is still fresh in my mind.  

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