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10th class -cbse english(NCERT BOOK-First Flight)(long answers) chapter-1 (A letter to God)(G. L. Fuentes)

Answer following questions in about 100 words.
Q1) How did the post office employees help Lencho? How did he react to their help?
Ans1) When Lencho’s crop destroyed due to hailstones, he wrote a letter to ‘God’ as his last resort. The post master received his letter. Firstly he laughed heartily. But then he became serious. He was impressed by the Lencho’s faith in God. He decided to answer the letter so that is faith in god remain intact. He collected money from his friends and employees. He gave a part of his salary. He could collect 70 pesos and sent it to Lencho. When Lencho opened the envelope, he became angry as he knew that god could not deny his request. He thought that post office employees must have stolen his money. He wrote another letter to God requesting him not to send the money through the mail.

Q2) Write a character sketch of Lencho?
Ans2) Lencho was a simple and hard working farmer. He lived on a low hill with his family. He worked on his field like an ox. He grew corn in his field. Harvest was good but it needed only a downpour. But rain turn into storm and hailstones started falling. It destroyed his crops totally. Lencho became very sad There was no to help him. But he had full faith in God. He believed that God would let anyone die of hunger. He would certainly help him. He decided to write a letter to God asked for hundred pesos. He was not surprised on receivind reply from the god.

Some more questions for practice.

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) Why does Lencho write a letter to God? What does he experience?

Q2) Suppose you are the postmaster. Explain your feelings when you received second letter of Lencho?

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