Saturday, 19 May 2012

9th class -cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Moments)(short answers) chapter-10 (The beggar)(Anton Chekhov)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) What did the beggar tell Sergei? Why did Sergei threaten to call the police?
Ans1) The beggar, Lushkoff, requested Sergei to have pity on him and give himsome money to feed himself. He told that had been a village school teacher for many years. Sergei had seen him earlier. When Lushkoff  found that his lie is caught, he had told that he was an expelled student. So Sergei became furious and threatened to call the police.

Q2) How did olga treat Lushkoff in the beginning? Why did she do this?
Ans2) Olga treated Lushkoff very harshly in the beginning. She rebuked him and called him drunkard. But finally she chopped the wood for him. She behaved like that only to set him on a right path.

Q3) Why was sergei a bit ashamed of treating Lushkoff harshly?
Ans3) Sergei felt a little ashamed because he had given physically hard work to a drunken sick man. Weather was also very cold. He thought that it was injustice.

Q4) How did Olga save Lushkoff?
Ans4) Olga knew that Lushkoff was too weak to do the work. She seemed harse and tough from the above, but she was kind inside. She chopped wood for him  This changed his  heart. He stopped drinking and became a nice man.

Q5) How did Lushkoff express his sense of gratitude to sergei?
Ans5) Lushkoff was very grateful to Sergei. Olga made him change his ways. If he hadn’t come to him, he would still lying to the people.

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