Sunday, 20 May 2012

Index - 11th class

11th class (Hornbill)

Chapter-1 (The Portrait of a lady) (Khushwant Singh)
Chapter-2 (“We’re not afraid to die if we can all be together”) (Gorden Cook and Alan East)
Chapter-3 (Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues) (A. R. Williams)
Chapter-4 (Landscape of the soul) (Nathalic Trouveroy)
Chapter-5 (The ailing planet: The green movement’s Role) (Nana Palkhivala)
Chapter-6 (The Browning Version) (Terence Rattigan)
Chapter-7 (Adventure) (Jayant Narlikar)
Chapter-8 (Silk Road) (Nick Middleton)

11th class (Hornbill) (Poem)

Poem 1 (A photograph) (Shirley Toulson)
Poem 2 (The Laburnum top) (Ted Hughes
Poem 3 (The voice of the train) (Walt Whitman)
Poem 4 (Childhood) (Markus Natten)
Poem 5 (Father to son) (Elizabeth Jennings)  

11th class (snapshots)

Chapter-1 (The summer of the beautiful white house) (William Saroyan)
Chapter-2 (The address) (Marga Minco)
Chapter-3 (Ranga’s marriage) (Masti Venkatesha Iyenger)
Chapter-4 (Albert Einstein at school) (Patrick Pringle)
Chapter-5 (Mother’s day) (J. B. Priestley)
Chapter-6 (The Ghat of the only world) (Amitav Ghose) 
*Chapter-7 (Birth) (A. J. Cronin)
Chapter-8 (The Tale of Melon city) (Vikram Seth)