Sunday, 18 September 2011

concentration inbetween

When I discovered power of concentration

There was a pin drop silence in the hall. People were waiting for professor’s turn to speak .His name had already been announced. He was coming to stage. He adjusted his mike. When he started to speak audience were all ears. He spoke very clearly on his subject which others considered very tough. He was the master of his subject. He loved to discuss with his students who in turn respected him.
That day was his last day in the school. Students were very sad on his departure. He promised to come for special classes. I was also present in the audience. I always respected him for his sincerity and honesty. I didn’t want to miss even a single word. So I discarded all other thoughts that were coming to my mind. It was hard. There was a train of thoughts in my mind. I kept trying to neglect them. After a short time I was able to focus on speech. I succeeded to concentrate because I had keen interest in what sir was saying. I felt that interest is the cause of concentration.
For the first time in my life I was so focused that I could hear even his breath. I can’t forget that day and the high level of my concentration .I realized that with this high concentration I can improve not just my memory but my whole life. I promised to myself that I would practice to achieve this deep concentration permanently.

MORAL --- (interest)à(concentration)à(memory) .

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