For whom is this blog?

This blog has a clearcut Aim. If you want to learn good English and you believe in self study, this blog will help you. So, before investing your precious time, you should know if this blog has anything for you.

This blog is for CBSE students of class 6th  to 12th . They will find many useful posts related to their syllabus and exam. If they regularly follow this blog ; I promise that they will  learn many mental skills. These skills will help them in their studies of other subjects also.

            This blog is also for teachers who teach CBSE syllabus. They can use this material to help their students.  

This blog is for students of Boards other than CBSE. As there is much commonality in syllabus of English across the board.

This blog will help those students who are preparing for various competitive exams. They can use grammar exercises for practice. “Common errors” will also be helpful for them.

Finally this blog will help anyone who wants to learn English language.

If you fall in any of the above mentioned categories, you should first visit the page of contents which includes link to all the posts on this blog--- “How to use this blog”.