Empowering though education

I started this blog to support students who want to learn good English. You will find posts on various topics of grammar; common errors; example paragraphs, articles, reports, advertisements etc; sample questions (CBSE based); model Questions (NCERT book) with answers to selected Questions; how to memorize things; how to concentrate etc.
This blog is especially useful for the students who believe in self study. Notes are self explanatory with lots of examples. There are many practice exercises. These days students are attracted toward tuitions, coaching, audio video aids, capsule courses, crash courses etc. All these concepts are flourishing because of student’s desire to acquire knowledge in shortcut. In my opinion all these are not much useful in long run. Rather these methods are harmful in more than one way.
Study needs patience. Teachers should facilitate the process of knowledge gaining. He should teach whenever and wherever it is necessary and should never preach. Because it is not important how fast you study but the important thing is how deep you study. It needs special qualities of mind- concentration and penetration. One purpose of study is to develop these qualities of mind. We can acquire and improve these qualities by self study. Shortcut methods deprive a student of this chance of mental development.
            My aim is to help students in developing the habit of self study by providing quality material and techniques.

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