I started this blog to support school going students. To inculcate in them habit of self-study this blog will provide self explanatory notes, exercises in grammar and composition, sample papers, question answers,  memorizing Techniques, right attitude and many other things useful for them.

To use this blog easily and properly I suggest to start from this page as it contains links to all other posts/material in this blog.

In this blog you will find following pages
      1) Aim
      2) For whom is this blog?
      3) Contact me

In this blog you will find following labels

1)        Paragraph (100) à Short paragraph of size about 100 words.see list of paragraphs

2)        Noticeà notice of size 50 to 60 words.see list of notices

3)       Lettersà formal and informal letters.see list of letters

4)    Short Paragraphs--> includes short paragraphs of word limit 50 to 80.see list of short paragraphs

5)    Report-->see list of reports

6)    Grammar Lessons--> posts under this label includes important topics of grammar.see list of all topics

7)    Grammar Exercises--> this label contains practice exercises on various topics.see the list of all exercises

8)    Writing Lessons-->  this label has posts that will help you in writing different compositions like paragraphs, notices, letters, reports, articles, essays etc. see list of all posts

9)       Muse you can useà I put some ideas here. I got these ideas from experiences as a student and later as a teacher. These might help students in understanding and tackling various situations in a better way and also in there studies.see list of all the articles

10)      Important Tables (page)àIt contains things like 3- forms of verbs, Gender, Number, degrees etc....coming soon...

11)      Vocabularyà  learning difficult words using various mnemonics....coming soon...

12)      Questions / Answersà  important questions and answers from various chapters (CBSE syllabus)(NCERT Books)
       (i)  6th class
      (ii) 7th class
      (iii) 8th class
      (iv) 9th class
      (v) 10th class
      (vi) 11th class
      (vii) 12th class

* Many labels/pages will be added in near future.