Friday, 2 September 2011

Memory--a few questions

Memory is a mystery. It separates Man from Animal.It separates Successful from Failure.It separates Brilliant from Mediocre . There are so many techniques which claims to be memory enhancer. But they rarely work. Its time to give deeper thought to the understanding of memory--the mystery.

firstly ponder on following points--

(1)  Our memory is not equally sharp all  the time.Sometimes We can recollect things even after long time,but it was near impossible for a student to retain all the answers even for next day exam.So, memory has something to do with our state of mind during the time of storing things in the mind.

(2)  During exam we learn and retain many things .If we write answers in paper then it proofs that things have been stored in our mind otherwise how could we have written the answers.But after a month or two we can recollect only few things. It means things are stored in our mind at two levels -- temporary level and permanent level.

(3) A student must have experienced this.You know the answer very well, you wrote it twice at home, it is at the tip of your tongue.But why is it not coming out? You tried very hard but in vain. Finally you accept that it has slipped out of your mind and you leave it. You come home. In the evening when you are taking tea suddenly the answer that elude you in the  exam and you accepted that it has gone,pop up. What is this? You have not seen the answer in your notebook.From where it come now! From your mind?? Then why you could not recollect it in exam ,if it was present in the mind.It means all things that are stored in our mind can not be recollected at our wish.We need some sort of organisation and cross linking of information in our mind.

These points want your attention and contemplation.So keep thinking...

I'll continue this discussion with you in next blog.
We will discover concrete methods to enhance memory.
Enjoy learning.

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  1. you are doing a great job for students n teachers.