Thursday, 15 September 2011

Memory-- two parts

Our mind has two parts- temporary and permanent. Permanent mind has lots of space to collect many types of information like text, picture, sound etc. It is almost infinite. In our whole life we use very small part of it. On the other hand our temporary mind has limited space.
There is more important difference between these two parts. In temporary mind things stay only for sometime. Old things clear-out for making space for new things. Things in temporary mind either move to permanent mind or just discarded. Only ‘important’ things are stored in permanent mind others we forgot .On the other hand, once a thing goes to permanent mind it stays there forever. When we learn/memorize something, what we are actually doing is to transfer things to our permanent mind.
Now question is -”how our mind decides which things is important and should be stored in permanent mind and which is not so important and can be forgotten? ”It is very useful to know the answer of this question because it will help us in our study.

These are some ways of telling our mind ‘WHAT IS IMPORTANT?’

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