Friday, 16 September 2011

to friend for metro ride

(Q) You are Anirudh resident of C-56/2, Kailash Nagar , Delhi-110041 .Write a letter to you friend in Mumbai and invite him in summer vacation to have metro ride.


C-56/2, Kailash Nagar,
16th September, 2011.

Dear friend,
I received your letter recently. You wanted to know about metro train.
            Metro is pride of Delhi. It links many important places of Delhi. It has reduced traffic load from roads .It is very environment friendly. I love traveling in fully air conditioned coaches .It has made journey very comfortable and jam-free. Metro personnel are very efficient. You‘ll feel cleanliness, security and discipline everywhere in metro system. Metro network is very well planned. Many metro stations are near railway stations and important bus terminals. At many metro stations we can see big malls also. Metro ride is a real enjoyment.
            I invite you to Delhi in summer vacation for metro ride. We’ll have great fun. Please convey my regards to uncle and aunty and love to chintoo. Looking forward for your reply.

Yours friend

Note [ You can use the body of this letter(para 2) for paragraph on “Metro Rail in Delhi”.]

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  1. There are lot of mistakes in the content. If there was a way to correct it, I could help. Otherwise, a very useful site.