Monday, 26 September 2011

to friend-tell your ambition

(Q)   You are Anil. Write a letter to your friend and tell him about your decision to become a teacher.

Examination Hall
26th September, 2011

Dear friend,
            I received your letters recently. I am happy that you want to become a doctor and now you are preparing for the entrance examination. But my ambition is different; I want to become a teacher.
            Teachers are the most valuable persons of any society. They are the most respected persons also. Teachers give direction to students. They not only impart education to them but also built their character. This is an act of nation building. I want to contribute in this mission. I want to acquire all qualities of a good teacher. I would like to work in rural area. I have decided to devote my whole life to empower students through education.

Convey my regards to uncle and aunty.

Yours truly

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