Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Guided paragraphs-3

Use given hints to develop paragraph in about 100 words. You can add your own ideas also.

Q1) Dowry system 

i) Definition.
ii) Adversities faced by
A) Girls
B) Parents
C) Society
iii) Role of groom/ boys.
iv) Suggestions / solutions/ conclusion.

Q2) Stress in students

ii)Reasonsà a) lots of syllabus.
                b) Competition
                c) No value of interest of student, only popular subjects/ courses are       pressed.
iii)Bad effects on students, parents, and quality of study.
iv)Some suggestions / solutions – your view.

Q3) Transport system.

i) Introduction (importance of transport system)
A) Landàa) Rail b) Road.
B) Wateràa) River b) sea c) canals.
C) Air
iii) Modern transport à Metro, Jet, and high speed rails.
iv) Future prospects.

Q4) Democracy

i) Definitions.
ii) Why it is the best system of Governance.
iii) Importance of Constitution and elections.
iv) Challenges – booth capturing, high cost of elections, criminal-political nexus etc.
v) How to face challenges – some suggestions.
Q5) Corruption

ii)Spread from lower to higher rank.
iii)Many forms – bride , favor, fixing of decision or performance,delay.
iv)Need of public Awareness- Importance of Anna Hazare Movement.
v)Some suggestions to fight this wide spread menace.

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