Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Guided paragraphs-4

Use given hints to develop paragraph in about 100 words. You can add your own ideas also.

1) Friends

i)Who are friends?
ii)Why we need friends in life?
iii)Friend in need is friend indeed.
iv)Be a true friend before expecting others to be true friends.
v)Our mind, conscience and knowledge are our best friends.

2) City life

i)population increase –because of many facilities available
ii)Problems –traffic Jams, pollution, lack of accommodation, crime, stress, lack of amenities, (water, electricity, etc.) etc.
iii)Disease due to pollution, junk food, fast life style etc.
iv)Need to develop villages to stop migration into cities.

3) Say no to plastic bags

i)Introduction – Wide spread use of polythene bags.
ii)Non- biodegradable.
iii)Polluting land and water.
iv)Dangerous for stray animals.
v)Polluting religious places land tourist spots.
vi)Ban it, carry cloth bags.

4) Forest

i)Provide us –wood, herbs, fodder, timber wood, oxygen, etc.
ii)Lungs of a country.
iii)Decreasing due to over cutting of trees.
iv)Effect of deforestation. - Pollution, soil erosion, lack of shelter for wild animals, global warming etc.
v)Some solutions –strict laws, forestation on waste land, public awareness, involvement of local people in forest policy making and protection.

5) Internet

i)Used everywhere –home, office, shop, school, etc.
ii)Reservoir of information.
iii)Utility –Email, SMS, Advertisement, Social networking, sales, purchase, online courses, etc.
iv)Careers, business building
v)Cyber crime.
vi)Must for student.

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