Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One day alone at home

                        One day I was alone at home. My parents were gone in a marriage party. Next day it was my English paper. I have to stay at home. I got up early in the morning. I went on the roof. Cool air was blowing. I did some exercise. It was refreshing. After bath, I sat for study. I read some paragraphs and practiced unseen –passages. My concentration was high. I was really enjoying my study. After taking breakfast, I took rest for one hour. Then I learnt Q-Ans of first book. In the afternoon, I watched TV. Then I slept for sometime. In the evening I learnt Q-Ans of second book and revised grammar portion. I called my friend and we practiced some exercises of grammar. By 8:00 pm my revision was complete. After dinner I went to bed. I was satisfied


  1. Nice disciplined spending day at the home when you are alone. Its nice experience to study your experience.
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