Monday, 10 October 2011

to editor--poor law and order condition

Q) You are Sohan Singh president of RWA (kailashpur). You are fighting with the problem of poor law and order condition in your locality. Write a letter to the Editor, Hindustan times and request for raising this issue in his newspaper.

Examination Hall          
08th Oct, 2011

      The Editor,            
      Hindustan Times,

Subà poor law and order condition 

Respected sir,
Through your esteemed newspaper I want to draw attention of concerned authorities towards problem of encroachment of footpaths. I am president of RWA – kailashpur and fighting with this problem for last two years.
A society can not prosper without secure and fearless environment. It is the responsibility of police to create such environment. But in our locality it seems that police has joined hand with law-breakers. Incidents of theft are increasing day by day. Chain snatching is common. We are not safe even inside homes. Last week a gang robbed a jeweler in full day light.
This condition is further deteriorated by two wine shops- one in the market and another near bus stand. These shops are hub of anti-social elements. We cannot go outside after sunset. Women are facing many threats. Atmosphere is not safe. We don’t know what impression it is imprinting on the innocent minds of our children.
We have written many letters to the concerned department but in vain. All our requests are falling on deaf ears. You are our last ray of hope. I expect that you will understand the gravity of the problem. Kindly provide some space in your newspaper.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Sohan Singh
 President –RWA (kailashpur)