Monday, 24 October 2011

to friend-about your favorite TV program

Q) you are Nidhi. Write a letter to your friend and tell her about your favorite TV program.

Examination Hall
20th Oct, 2011.

Dear Richa,

             Hello! How are you! We are happy here and hope the same for you. I received your letter recently. You wanted to know about my favorite TV program.
There is a flood of T.V. serials these days because of multichannels. But all programs are not of same standards. My favorite program is “Balika vadhu” of “colours “channel. It raises an important social issue-the child marriage. In many parts of India child marriage is still practiced. Children are married in very small age. This not only affects their education but spoils their whole life. Through the story of “Anandi” this serial depicts the problems emerged in this system. Only stringent laws can’t stop the child marriage. Public awareness is necessary. Government should focus on the education especially adult education in the backward areas where problem is more rampant. By making this kind of series T.V can play very important role is social awakening.

Please convey my regards to uncle, aunty and love to Chintoo.

Yours lovingly

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