Tuesday, 18 October 2011

To friend – invite for brother marriage

Q) you are Nidhi. Write a letter to your friend and invite her on your brother’s Marriage.

Examination Hall
20th Oct, 2011.

Dear Richa,
            Hello! How are you! We are happy here and hope the same for you.
            You will be glad to know that my elder brother’s marriage is falling on 25th November. Our summer vacation will also start by that time. I invite you with your family on this occasion
            Please come 2 days before the marriage day Sudha and Medha are also coming on 24th November. In the morning of 23th November, we shall go to market for shopping. Gandhi Nagar market is famous for cosmetic articles. In the evening of 23rd November, There is mehandi –ritual and a dance program also. We will have great fun.
            Please convey my regards to uncle, aunty and love to Chintoo.

Yours lovingly

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  1. Amazing letter for children to practice for their exams