Monday, 24 October 2011

to friend-views on reading

Q) you are Nidhi. Write a letter to your friend and tell her about your views on reading.

Examination Hall
20th Oct, 2011.

Dear Richa,

             Hello! How are you! We are happy here and hope the same for you. I received your letter recently. You wanted to know about my views on reading.
We gain knowledge in our life by experience or study. Under study comes reading, listening, watching and writing. Out of these reading is the best skill to acquire maximum knowledge. We can read with our own pace. We can pause to ponder. Most of precious knowledge of any society is stored in the books that can be penetrated and gained only by a mind trained in reading. We should develop habit of reading by going through books and other print material on variety of subjects. Nowadays there is focus on tuitions, coaching, CDs and smart classes. This is diverting the attention from reading. It is not good in long run as practice of self study is diminishing in students. They are dependent on others to gain knowledge. A student must develop habit of reading and self study.

Please convey my regards to uncle, aunty and love to Chintoo.

Yours lovingly

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  1. Don't we use 'yours lovingly' to parents and family members?