Tuesday, 18 October 2011

To uncle – thanking for my birthday present.

Q) you are chaman. Write a letter to our uncle thanking him for the present he sent you on your birthday.

 Examination Hall
20th Oct, 2011.
Dear uncle
                        Hello! How are you!
                        Thanks for the present you send me on my birthday. A book on “biographies of famous personalities of world” is really wonderful. I could not resist starting to read it from the same day.
            Many Personalities were new to me and I came to know about their struggle, height of character and dedication for their work. This really filled me with enthusiasm. I promised to myself that I will not surrender to any difficulty in my life.
            I am especially impressed by Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Sardar Patel, Isaac Newton, Thomas edition and Elbert Einstein.
            Thanks once again from the core of my heart.
Please convey my regards to aunty and love to Sonu.

Yours lovingly

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