Friday, 21 October 2011

Visit to a fair

Last Sunday I went to see a fair. I went with my friend. We went by bus. We reached there at 10 am.  There was a long Queue for tickets. We stood in the queue. Our Turn came after one hour. We went inside. There was much crowd. There were many stalls. Some shopkeepers were shouting to attract the people. Firstly we went in “mirror house”. There were mirrors of many shapes which reflected distorted images. Some showed you very long and thin. Some showed you very flat. It was really amusing. Then we went to see a magic show. We participated in shooting competition. My friend won a T-shirt. There was a separate compound for swings, see-saws and round about. We took a ride on a giant wheel. We spent the whole day in the fair. We were tired. We came back home late night. Memory of that day is still fresh in my mind.     

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