Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Types of clauses (practice)-1

Before doing this exercise it is better first to read Clauses and its types

Q) Identify Noun, adjective and adverb, clauses in the following sentences.

1)      Because you broke the glass you are punished.
2)      We reached the market which was famous for jewelers.
3)      I know the man who lives on the top floor.
4)      He prayed that he could save the child.
5)      The shop which is next to my house is now closed.
6)      I can guess what you are looking for.
7)      Cattle reached home when night fell.
8)      He married the girl he loved.
9)      Sidhartha left house when all were asleep.
10)  He respected the man who gave him chance.
11)  I know how to do this job.
12)  He broke the wall as if it was made of paper.
13)  I never thought that thief would break into my house.
14)  I purchased a shirt that was red in color.
15)  He read the book after the exams were over.

1)      Because you broke the glassà adverb
2)      Which was famous for jewelersàadjective.
3)      Who lives on the top floorà adjective
4)      That he could save the childà Noun.
5)      which is next to my houseà adjective
6)      What you are looking forà Noun.
7)      When night fellà adverbs.
8)      He lovedà adjective.
9)      When all were asleepà adverb.
10)  Who gave him chanceà adjective
11)  How to do this jobà Noun.
12)  As if it was made of paperà adverb.
13)  That thief would break into my houseà Noun.
14)  That was red in colorà adjective.
15)  After the exams were overà adverb.

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