Friday, 9 December 2011

9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Beehive)(short answers)chapter-1 (The fun they had)(Issac Asimov)

Q) Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) Who was the teacher of Margie and Tommy?
Ans1) Margie and Tommy had the mechanical teacher. He taught them many subjects. He had a television screen to give instruction, test and homework. He asked questions. He also has a slot where they had to submit assignments. He taught them at the fixed hours.

Q2) Why did Margie‘s mother, Mrs. Jones, call the country inspector?
Ans2) Margie was not well at geography. Margie’s mother sends for the country inspector for help. He observed the Margie’s performance. He informed that her overall progress was quite satisfactory.

Q3) What does Tommy knows about old kind of school?
As3) Tommy knows that the old king of school was housed in a building. The girls and the boys sat there together. They studied together in classes. They laughed and played in the schoolyard. At the end of the day they left for their houses .

Q5) What did county inspector suggest to improve margie’s performance in geography?
Ans5) County inspector had been called to check the performance of Margie in geography section. The county inspector found that geography sector had been geared fast. He slowed it for an average ten years level. He suggested that overall performance of Margie was quite satisfactory.

Q6) What was the ‘slot’? Why does Margie hate it ?
Ans6) ‘Slot’ was a gap in the mechanical teacher where each student was to put his homework and test assignments for marking. Margie hated it the most because she had to work hard to punch code for answering homework.

Q7) What did Margie’s grandfather tell her about the books?
Ans7) Margie’s grandfather told her that he read real books in his childhood. Books had pages. It was funny to read the words in the book. The words did not move like in telebooks.

Some More Questions for practice
Q) Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) From where did Tommy find the book and why did it seem peculiar to him and Margie?

Q2) What would you like? - a mechanical teacher or a human teacher? Why?

Q3) Why was Margie doing badly at geography?


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