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Correct uses of since and for

Since/for and perfect continuous tenses

Since/for and perfect continuous tense
“since” and “for” are used in perfect continuous tenses. They always come before the time. Their correct use is very simple, yet it’s a source of common error in English.
Let understand rules for their correct uses.
1) “For” is used when “period of time” is given. We don’t know when the work/ action started but the duration of time during which the work is going on is given.
For exampleà for two days, for five hours, for 2 minutes, for long, for some years, for few months etc

1)      We have been staying in hotel for one week.
2)      He had been working here for five years.
3)      They will have been studying for two hours by 6 pm.
4)      I have been reading for three hours.
5)      They had been playing for long.

2) “Since” is used when “starting time” of work/action is given.
For exampleà since morning, since evening, since Monday, since 5 p.m. etc

1)      I have been living in Delhi since childhood.
2)      They had been opposing new rules since beginning.
3)      I have been waiting for you since Tuesday.
4)      We had been winning the competition since 2008.
5)      He has been teaching in our school since 2010.

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