Saturday, 17 December 2011

Future perfect continuous (practice)-2

Q1) Translate following sentences into your mother tongue

1)      They will have been dealing in spices for ten years in March.
2)      He will not have been writing for two months by this month end.
3)      Players will have been practicing for two weeks by tomorrow.
4)      Roja will have been staying in hotel for six days by Wednesday.
5)      We shall have been writing letters to authorities for three months by Sunday.
6)      I shall have been waiting for you for one hour by 6 pm.
7)      He will have been writing an essay for two hours by 10 pm.
8)      She will have been worshipping for one hour by 7 pm.
9)      They will have been whitewashing their house for three days by tonight.
10)  We shall have been traveling for one hour by 9 pm.
11)  Gopal will have been doing business for three years by December.
12)   He will have been reading newspaper for one hour by 8 am.
13)  Children will have been playing for two hours till their father comes.
14)  They will have been cutting grass for two months when it starts raining. 
15)  Tailor will have been sewing for 3 hours by 8 pm.

Q2) write 15 sentences in future perfect continuous tense

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