Monday, 19 March 2012

6th class -cbse english(honeysuckle)Poem2(The kite)(Harry Behn)

Answer following questions in short.

 Q1) How does the poet describe the beauty of a kite?
Ans1) A kite looks beautiful. It is lovely and bright in the blue sky. It looks more beautiful when it dances moving its tails high up in the air.

Q2) When does the kite become ragged?
Ans2)  It becomes ragged when it is entangled in the branches of the tree. It flutters its wings to get free. Sometimes it is torn.

Q3) What things will you collect for making a kite?
Ans3) Followings things are needed  for making a kite.
a)      coloured paper.
b)      Gum or glue.
c)      Three sticks.
d)      Strings.

Q4) How does the new kite look?
Ans4) The new kite looks bright.

Q5) How does it snap its tail?
Ans5) It snaps its tail with a dive and a dip.

Q6) How does the poet compare the kite to a ship?
Ans6) The kite soars like a ship with a sail.

Q7) When does the kite look bright?
Ans7) The kite looks bright when it is new.


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