Monday, 19 March 2012

6th class-cbse english (honeysuckle)Poem4(Beauty)(E. Yeh-Shure)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) What do we see in sunlight?
Ans1) We see beauty.

Q2) How does the poet define beauty?
Ans2) Beauty lies in the objects of nature. All good things, good actions and all that pleases are beautiful.

Q3)Why do people dance for their harvest?
Ans3) They dance because they are pleased to harvest their crops.

Q4) Can you name some beautiful things seen or heard?
Ans4)Yes, I have been the beautiful things like chirping birds, whistling trees , laughing children and vast sea shore.

Q5) “Beauty is in yourself.” How is it?
Ans5) We can feel beauty in ourselves. Noble deeds make us beautiful.

Q6) When is the beauty heard?
Ans6) Beauty is heard in the night; whistling of wind, rain falling and playing music.

Q7) Which objects of nature are beautiful?
Ans7) The singing wind and the rainfall are beautiful.

Q8) Where does beauty lie?
Ans8) Beauty lies in happy thoughts, goods deeds.

Q9) Which things repeat in one’s mind?
Ans9)Happy thoughts and goods deeds repeat in our dream.


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