Thursday, 15 March 2012

6th class-cbse english (A pact with the sun) chapter-3(The shepherd’s treasure)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) Who visited the shepherd one day and why?
Ans1) The king of the country visited the shepherd one day. He wanted to meet him to know the truth.

Q2) The other governors grow jealous of the shepherd. Why?
Ans2) The other governors grew jealous of the shepherd because his fame as a fair and wise governor spread all over the country.

Q3) Why was the new governor called to the palace?
Ans3) The new governor was called to the palace because the king wanted to know the secret of the iron chest.

Q4)  What did the iron chest contain?
Ans5) The iron chest contained an old blanket.

Q6) Why did the shepherd always carry the iron chest?
Ans6)  The shepherd always carried the iron chest as it was his best friend. The blanket would protect him if the king took away new royal clothes.

Q7) Is it an example of the shephered‘s humility or wisdom or both?
Ans7) It was an example of the shepherd’s humility as well as wisdom.

Q8) How did the king reward the new governor?
Ans8) The king rewarded the new governor by making him the governor of a much bigger district.