Thursday, 15 March 2012

6th class-cbse english (A pact with the sun) chapter-4(The old –clock shop)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

 Q1) What made Ray think the visitor was not really a shopper?
Ans1) The visitor wore very unfriendly expression on his face. His companion stood at the door.

Q2) Why do you think he had come to the shop?
Ans2) I think he had come to the shop to rob Mr. Ray.

Q3) How did Ray communicate with him?
Ans3) Ray was deaf. So he used note-pad and a pencil. He wrote on the note-pad. The visitor also did like-wise.

Q4) What do you think the man said to his friend who waited at the door?
Ans4) I think the man told his friend that we should not rob him as he was deaf and dumb.

Q5) Ray was not a pawnbroker. Why then did he lend money to people in exchange for their old watches and clocks?
Ans5) Ray was a kind hearted person. He used to help the needy people. He did not make profit from his lendings.

Q6) Do you think the man would ever come back to pick up the watch ?
Ans6) I hope that the man would come back to pick up the watch. He was grateful to Mr. Ray

Q7) When did the “unfriendly face” of the visitor turn truly friendly?
Ans7) The visitor found that Mr. Ray was deaf and dumb but he was ready to help him. This turned the visitor’s face into truly friendly.

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