Thursday, 15 March 2012

6th class-cbse english (A pact with the sun) chapter-5(Tansen)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) Why did Swami Haridas say Tansen was talented?
Ans1) Tansen had imitated the exact sound of the tiger. Even Haridas failed to differentiate it. Therefore, he said that Tansen was talented.

Q2) Why did Akbar ask Tansen to join his court?
Ans2) Akbar asked Tansen to join his court because he was higly impressed with Tansen’s music.

Q3) How do we know that Akbar was fond of Tansen? Give two reasons?
Ans3) That Akbar was fond of Tansen is clear as
1) Akbar would call upon Tansen to sing at any time.
2) Often Akbar went to Tansen’s house to hear him practice.

Q4) What did the other courtiers feel about Tansen?
Ans4)  They felt jealous of Tansen. They wanted to destroy him.

Q5) What happens if Raga Deepak is sung property?
Ans5) If Raga Deepak is sung property the singer is burnt into ashes.

Q6)  Why did Tansen’s enemies want him to sing the Raga?
Ans6) They wanted to destroy Tansen.

Q7) Why did Tansen agree to sing Raga Deepak?
Ans7)  Tansen agreed to sing Raga Deepak because he could not disobey Emperor Akbar.

Q8) What steps did he take to save himself?  Did his plan work? How?
Ans8) He taught his daughter Sarawasti and her friend Rupawati to Sing Raga Megh when the lamps lighted up.
Yes, his plan worked. He started singing Raga Deepak. The air became hot. Flames shot up and lighted the lamp. Just then two girls began to sing ‘Raga Megh’. It rained and Tansen  was saved from being burnt.

Q9) Who was Tansen’s guru? How long did he teach him?
Ans9) Tansen’s guru was swami Haridas. He taught him music for eleven years.

Q10) How did Tansen   reach the court of Rani Mrignaini?
Ans10) Mohmmad Ghaus took Tansen to the court of Rani Mrignaini.

Q11) Where is Tansen‘s tomb? How do the musician’s look upon it?
Ana11) Tansen’s tomb is in Gwalior. For musicians it is a place of pilgrimage.


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