Thursday, 15 March 2012

6th class-cbse english (A pact with the sun) chapter-6(The monkey and the crocodile)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.
Q1) The monkey was happy living in the fruit tree, but his happiness was not complete. What did he miss?
Ans1) The monkey missed a friend.

Q2) What did the two friends generally talk about?
Ans2) The two friends talked about birds, animals, nearby villages and villager’s difficulties.

Q3) Why was the crocodile unwilling to invite his friend home?
Ans3) The crocodile was unwilling to invite his friend home because his wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. But he did not like to kill his best friend

Q4) What did the crocodile tell the monkey mid stream?
Ans4) The crocodile told the monkeys that his wife wanted to eat his heart.

Q5) Why was the crocodile‘s wife annoyed with her husband one day?
Ans5) The crocodile‘s wife was annoyed with her husband one day because he came home late.

Q6) How did the monkey save himself?
Ans6) The monkey said that he forgot his heart on the tree. He asked the crocodile to swim back to bring the heart from there.