Wednesday, 21 March 2012

8th class-cbse english (Honeydew) Chapter-2 (The Tsunami )

Answer following questions in short.

Q1)Why did Tilly’s family come to Thailand?
Ans1) Tilly’s family came to Thailand to celebrate Christmas.

Q2)What were the warning signs that both Tilly and her mother saw?
Ans2) Tilly and her mother saw that the sea slowly rose, and started to foam, bubble and whirlpools

Q3) Where did the smith family and the others on the beach go to escape from the tsunami?
Ans3) The smith family and the others on the beach go to the third floor of hotel to escape from the tsunami.

Q4) In the tsunami 150,000 people died. How many animals died?
Ans4) Not much animals died.

Q5) What do people say about the elephants of Yala National Park ?
Ans5) People said that they have seen elephants running from the Patnangala beach just before an hour of tsunami.

Q6) What did the dogs in Galle do?
Ans6) The dogs refused to go for their daily run on the beach.

Q7) How are Meghna’s and Alma’s stories similar?
Ans7) Meghna and Almas , both lost their families in the tsunami and both saved their own lives by holding some wooden objects.

Q8) What are two different ideas about why so few animals were killed in the tsunami?  Which idea do you find more believable?
Ans8) The first idea is that animals possess a sixth sense and can foreseethe coming danger. The second idea is that they posses acute hearing capacity thathelp them to dedect the earth’s vibration. The second idea is much more believable because, it could be proved scientifically.

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