Wednesday, 21 March 2012

8th class-cbse english (Honeydew) Chapter-3 (Glimpses of the past) (S. D. Sawant)

Answer following questions in short.
Q1) What do you understand by the company’s superior weapons?
Ans1) The company’s superior weapons mean all their wits, strength, rules and regulations.

Q2) Who is an artisan? Why do you think the artisans suffered?
Ans2) An Artisan is a skilled workman. British chopped off the thumbs of expert artisans so that they could not make goods.

Q3) Which picture, according to you, reveals the first sparks of the fire of revolt?
Ans3) The picture about “The Company’s Conquest” reveals the first sparks of the fire of revolt.

Q4) Do you think the Indian princes were short –sighted in their approach to the event of 1757?
Ans4) Yes, the Indian princes were short-sighted as they had been quarreling with one another on petty issues. They took the foreigner’s help to fight within the native land.

Q5) How did the East India Company subdue the Indian princes?
Ans5) The East India Company subdued the Indian princess by their policy of ‘Divide and Rule’.

Q6) Quote words used by Raja Ram Mohan Roy to stay that every religion teaches the same principles?
Ans6) “Cows are of different colours but the colour of their milk is the same. Different teachers have different opinions but the essence of every religion is the same.”

Q7) In what way did the British officers exploit Indians?
Ans7) The British officers exploited Indians in many ways. They imposed heavy taxes on Indians farmers and reduced import duty on goods manufactured in England and imported to India. Even they cut the thumbs of expert artisans.

Q8)Mention the four reasons for the discontent that led to the 1857 war of Independence?
Ans8) a) Indians had become slaves in their own country.
b) The East India Company destroied Indian industries.
c) There was huge difference in the treatment of the English men and the Indians.
d) The use of grease on the bullet was spoiling the customs of Indians as it was made of the fat of the cows and pigs.