Wednesday, 21 March 2012

8th class-cbse english (Honeydew) Chapter-5 (The summit Within) (H . P. S. Ahluwalia)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) What are the three qualities that played a major role in the author’s climb?
Ans1) The three qualities that played a major role in the author’s climb endurance, persistence and will power..

Q2) Why is adventure, which is risky, also pleasurable?
Ans2) People have natural urge for undertaking adventurous activity. They possess an internal love for adventure which is spiritual also. Climbing is also one such activity. It gives the climber many challenges to win over. A true climber accepts all hurdles. Victory over them gives him joy and satisfaction. It encourages him to take risk and go on.

Q3) What was it about Mount Everest that the author found irrestible?
Ans3 The peak of Mount Everest attracted the authr to itself because it is simply beautiful, lonely and the most powerful. So, its climbing could not be given up.

Q4) One does not do climbing for the fame alone. What does one do it for, really?
Ans4) One does not climb high peak for becoming famous alone. People have natural urge for undertaking adventurous activity. There is the feeling of satisfaction of this deep urge in completing difficult climbing. Climbing experience is physical, emotional and spiritual. It is an act of communication with God Almighty.

Q5) What were the ‘symbols of reverence’ left by members of the team of Everest?
Ans5) The symbols of reverence offered by the members of climbing expedition on the top of Everest were as follows.
1)      A picture of Guru Nanak left by H.P.S .Ahluwalia.
2)      A picture of Goddess Durga left by Mr. Rawat.
3)      A relic of Buddha left by Phu Dorji, and.
4)      A cross left by Edmund Hillary.

Q6) What, according to the writer, did his experience as an Everester teach him?
Ans6) According to the writer his experience as an Everester taught how to face the difficulties with strong determination. It also taught him to look within at the internal summit which is higher than the Everest.


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