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9th class-cbse english(NCERT BOOK-Beehive)(short answers) Chapter-5(The snake and the mirror)(Vaikom Muhammad Basheer)

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) Describe the house where the doctor lived?
Ans1) The doctor lived in a small house. It was not electrified. It had only few things. The roof was tiled. Tiles were rested on the beam over the wall. The room had two windows with one wall facing the open yard.

Q2) What happened when doctor was sitting on his chair?
Ans2) One day the doctor was sitting in the chair and was thinking about his future. Suddenly a snake landed on his shoulder. It coiled around his left arm above the elbow. Its hood was spread and its head was just three or four inches away from the his face.

Q3) What was the doctor’s choice of woman for his marriage?
Ans3) Doctor thought about marrying a rich fat woman. So that, if he committed any silly mistake and wanted to run away she might not be able to run after him and catch him.

Q4) In the story “The snake and the Mirror” the snake has been compared to three objects. What are they?
Ans4) The snake is compared to three objects 1) a rubber tube. 2) a thick leaden rod, 3) a rod made of molten fire. The writer compares it with rubber tube because it falls with thud. It is compared to leaden rod because it looks like a rod. It is compared to rod made of molten fire it caused that sensation and burning in his arm and the whole body.

Q5) What two important decisions did the doctor take?
Ans5) The first important decision taken by doctor was that he would grow a thin moustache and keep an attractive smile on his face. So that he would look more handsome. Secondly he would marry a fat but rich woman doctor.

Q6) Why did the writer smile when death lurked four inches away?
Ans6) A snake coiled around doctor’s arm and death lurked four inches away. At that moment writer thought what medicine he would take if snake bite him. There was no medicine in the room. The narrator was a poor, foolish and stupid doctor. His thinking suddenly changed. He forgot his danger and smile feebly.

Q7) What was the similarity between the doctor and the snake?
Ans7) There was similarity between the doctor and the snake. Both of them were admirer of their own beauty. The doctor remained in his imagination. The snake was attracted towards the mirror. Both were carried by their beauty.

More Questions for practice

Answer following questions in about 40 words.

Q1) When snake looked into the mirror what thoughts come to the narrator’s mind?

Q2) Why did the doctor live in the rented house?

Q3) Why did the doctor have mearge earnings?

Q4) How can you say that the doctor was a strong admirer of beauty?

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