Monday, 30 April 2012

7th class-cbse english (An alien hand) Chapter-1 (The tiny teacher)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) In what ways is an ant’s life peaceful?
Ans1) Ant’s live together in peace and harmony. They do their own work and do not interface in the other’s work.  They never fight with other ants of the same group. So their life is peaceful.

Q2) How long does it take for a grub to become a complete ant?
Ans2) It takes five to six weeks for a grub to become a complete ant.

Q3) Why do the worker ants carry the grubs about?
Ans3) Worker ants carry the grubs about for daily exercise and sunshine.

Q4) What different jobs are learnt by new ants?
Ans4) The new ants learn the duties of workers, cleaners, soldiers, and builders from old ants.

Q5) Name some other creatures that live in ant hills?
As5) The greenfly, beetles, lesser breeds of ants, etc . …… some of the creatures who live in anthills.

Q6)   Mention three things we can learn from the “tiny teacher”.
Ans6) We can learn - hard work, sense of duty and loyalty from this tiny teacher.

Q7) How is the home of ants organized?
Ans7) An anthill has hundreds of little rooms and passages. Rooms are reserved for each member of the community- Rooms for the queen ant to lay eggs, nurseries for the young ones, quarters for workers, store houses for food and barrackers for soldiers.