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7th class -cbse english(An alien hand) Chapter-4 (The cop and the Anthem) (O. Henry)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) What are some of the signs of approaching winter?
Ans1) Some of the signs of the approaching winter are - birds start flying to south, people need warm new coats and dead leaves fall.

Q2) What was Soapy’s first plan? Why did it not work?
Ans2) Soapy’s first plan was to enter in some fine restaurant and have dinner there. As he had no money, they would hand him over to a cop. And the judge would sentence him for three months in the prison on Blackwell’s Island.This plan could not work because as soon as Soapy stepped inside a fine restaurant, the head waiter saw his shabby clothing and immediately pushed him out.

Q3)   “But the cop‘s mind would not consider Soapy”. What did the cop not consider, and why?
Ans3) The cop did not consider Soapy as the culprit who threw a stone on the glass window of the shop. Because he thought that if this man had thrown the stone, he would not stop there to talk to cops.

Q4) “we have orders to let them shout.” What is the policeman referring to?
Ans4) The college students were allowed to shout outside the theatre. When Soapy shouted pretending to be drunkard; the policemen thought that he was also one of those harmless college students. So he said to another man standing beside him “we have orders to let them shout.”

Q5) “There was a sudden and wonderful change in his soul.” What brought about that change in Soapy?
Ans5) Soapy saw his old childhood home when returning to Madison Square. The soft light was shining from his living room windows. The sweet music reminded him of his childhood days when he led a happy and honest life with his mother and friends. Suddenly he realized that his present life was worthless and hopeless. So he decided to change his life.

Q6 ) Where did Soapy live? Where did he want to go during the winter?
Ans6) Soapy lived  on a seat in a park at Madison Square. During the winter he wanted to go to the prison at Blackwell’s Island.

Q7) What did Soapy wanted?
Ans7) Winter was approaching and he did not have a place to live. Soapy wanted food everyday; a bed every night; protection from the cold north winds and safety from cops for three months.


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