Thursday, 26 April 2012

7th class-cbse english(honey comb) Poem-5(Trees)(Shirley Bauer)

Answer the following questions in short.

Q1) What are the games or humans activities which use trees, or in which trees also participate?
Ans1) trees participate in many human activities like house making, making swings, allowing children to play hide and seek, organizing tea parties, sleeping under their shadow, giving fruits and vegetables to eat.

Q2) “Trees are for birds.” What do birds do on trees?
Ans2) Birds make their nests on trees and they rest on trees.

Q3) Which games can you play under or around trees?
Ans3) We can play many games under or around trees like hide and seek, swings , snakes and ladders , ludo, chess , etc.

Q4) Why are trees for children ?
Ans4) Trees are for children to play under.

Q5) What are the uses of trees in different seasons?
Ans5) Trees give us shade in summers and sunlight in winters.

Q6) Which fruit the trees give us according to the poem?
Ans6) Trees give us apples and pears.

Q7) Why do we chop trees?
Ans7) We chop trees to get timber.