Thursday, 26 April 2012

7th class-cbse english(honey comb) Poem-6(Mystery of the talking fan )(Maude Rubin)

Answer the following questions in short.

Q1) Fans don’t talk, then, what is the fan’s chatter?
Ans1) Fan’s being non –living things don’t talk . The noise that sounds like the fan’s chatter is the noise produced by its whirling motion when it is not oiled properly.

Q2) How does an electric fan manage to throw so much air when it is switched on?
Ans2) An electric fan has small whirling motor and three blazes. When the fan is switched on, the motor starts whirling. It causes the blades to move which cut the room air and throw it in all directions.

Q3) Why did the poet call the fan a talking fan?
Ans3) The fan was making a sound because it was not properly oiled. It appeared to the poet as if it was speaking in a mysterious code languages.

Q4) What happened to the fan in the end? Was the poet happy with it?
Ans4) In the end, someone oiled the fan’s machine and it stopped producing noise. The poet felt unhappy about it because he thought that the mystery ended.


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