Thursday, 26 April 2012

7th class-cbse english(honey comb) Poem-7(Dad and the cat and the tree)(Kit Wright)

Answer the following questions in short.

Q1) Why was Dad sure he wouldn’t fall?
Ans1) Dad was a climber and climbing on trees was a child’s play for him. So he was confident that he wouldn’t fall.

Q2) Describe Plan A and its consequences.
Ans2)   Plan A was to use the ladder in order to bring down the cat from the tree but it slipped and Dad fell in the flower bed.

Q3) What was Plan B?
Ans3) Plan B was to swing up the branch of the tree.

Q4) Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?
Ans4 ) Plan C was a success. Dad jumped on the tree and landed straight on the cat that jumped on the ground yelling and poor Dad got struck on the tree.

Q5) Describe the cat and Dad situation in the beginning and at the end of the poem.
Ans5) The cat was stuck on the tree in the beginning and dad was trying to bring it down, but at the end of the poem the cat jumped down safe whereas Dad got stuck on the tree.

Q6) What was the “funny joke”?
Ans6) Mama warned him of falling again otherwise he would break his neck. Dad called it a funny joke because he was self-confident about his success.

Q7) What happened with the ladder?
Ans7) The ladder slipped and he landed in the flower bed.

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