Thursday, 26 April 2012

7th class-cbse english(honey comb) Poem-8(Meadow Surprises )(Lois Brandt Phillips)

Answer the following questions in short.

Q1) What do the butterflies do on flowers?
Ans1) Butterflies rest on butterflies and suck nectar of the flowers.

Q2) How do you scare a rabbit?
Ans2) A rabbit sitting would get scared by the sound of our feet.

Q3) Why do dandelions become airy parachutes?
Ans3) Dry dandelions are light and may be blown off with a light blow of air, hence they are called airy parachutes.

Q4) What type of houses do you see in meadows?
Ans4) Burrows, nests and ants mounds could be seen in the meadows.

Q5) What kind of grass do the meadows have?
Ans5) Meadows have velvet grass.

Q6) What do you mean by ‘the brook ‘?
Ans6) The brook means a small river.

Q7) What change has occurred to a dandelion?
Ans7) A dandelion which has golden few days ago has dried up and become light and may be blown like a parachute.

Q8) Who lives in burrows and mound?
Ans8) Rabbits live in burrows and ants live in mounds.


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  2. same answers are there in our notebook book...

  3. same answers are there in our notebook book...