Thursday, 26 April 2012

7th class-cbse english(honey comb) Poem-9(Garden Snake)(Muriel L. Sonne)

Answer the following questions in short.

Q1) A snake has no legs or feet, but it moves very fast. Can you guess how?
Ans1) A snake has scales on its body which help it move fast by turning and twisting its body.

Q2) Which is the most poisonous snake?
Ans2) Black King cobra is the most poisonous snake.

Q3) Why was the child afraid of the snake first?
Ans3) The child was frightened of the snake first because he had heard that snakes are dangerous.

Q4) Why did the child attitude change towards the snake?
Ans4) The child’s attitude changed towards the snake because his mother told him that it was a harmless garden snake.

Q5) What did the snake eat?
Ans5) The snake ate insects for its food.

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