Saturday, 21 April 2012

8th class-cbse english (Honeydew) Chapter-7 (A visit to Cambridge) (Firdaus Kanga)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) Did the prospect of meeting Stephen Hawking make the writer nervous? If so why?
Ans1) Yes, the prospect of meeting Stephen Hawking make the writer nervous because Stephen Hawking was the ablest scientist on the earth. He was the worthy author of world renouned book “A brief History of Time”. He had become the successor to Issac Newton at the University of Cambridge. Meeting with such a great personality made the writer nervous.

Q2) Did he at the same time feel very excited? If so why?
Ans2) When he came to know about his presence in England, he felt excited. He wanted to meet him earliest possible. Even ten minutes meeting would be enough.

Q3) “I could feel his anguish” What could be the anguish?
Ans3) The writer observed his painful efforts to find the words on his computer. His eyes shut with the feeling of tiredness. Hence the writer could feel his anguish

Q4) What endeared the scientist to the writer so that he said he was looking at one of the most beautiful men in the world?
Ans4) The writer asked Stephen if he disturbed him in his work. Stephen replied at once in positive but then he smiled on one side. His face reflected unmatchable beauty. The writer was highly impressed by his frank confession

Q5) If ‘the lantern’ is the man, what would its ‘walls’ be?
Ans5) If the lantern is man, its ‘walls’ is the human boy.

Q6) What is housed within the thin walls?
Ans6) Light of life is housed within the thin walls

Q7) What general conclusion does the writer draw from the comparison?
Ans7) The writer draws a general conclusion that inside our body is the eternal soul. Everything else is an accessory.

Q8) What is the scientist’s message for the disabled?
Ans8) The scientists Stephen Hawking’s message for the disabled they should concentrate on what they are good at. They should make the best use of them and thanks God.


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