Saturday, 21 April 2012

8th class-cbse english (Honeydew) Chapter-8 (A short monsoon diary) (Ruskin Bond)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1)  Why is the author not able to see Bijju ?
Ans1) The author is not able to see Bijju because the whole atmosphere has been covered by mist.

Q2) What are the two ways in which the hills appear to change when the mist comes up?
Ans2) When the mist comes up all the birds fall silent. It covers the hills in utter silence. Mist also makes forest as deadly as it were midnight.

Q3) Which hills –station does the author describe in this diary entry?
Ans3) The author describes Mussoorie in this dairy entry.

Q4) For how many days does it rain without stopping? What does the author do on these days?
Ans4) It rained without stopping for nine days. The author walked through the room and looked out of the window to see late monsoon flowers.

Q5) Where do the snakes and rodents take shelter? Why?
Ans5) Snakes and rodents take shelter in roofs, attics and go-downs as their holes and burrows were over flooded with rain water.

Q6) Why did the grandmother ask the children not to kill the chuchunder?
Ans6) The grandmother asked the children not to kill the chuchunder because she considered them lucky which brought money.

Q7) What signs do we find in nature which show that the monsoons are about to end?
Ans7) When monsoons are about to end, the lush monsoon growth reaches its peak and seeds of the cobra lily turns red.

Q8) What is the significance of cobra lily in relation to the monsoon season, its beginning and end?
Ans8) By observing life cycle of cobra lily one can predict beginning and end of monsoon. When the monsoon season begins, first cobra lily rears its head from the ferns and when its seeds started turning red, monsoon season ends.