Saturday, 21 April 2012

8th class -cbse english(Honeydew) Chapter-9 (The great stone face part -- I) (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Answer following questions in short.
Q1) What was the Great Stone Face?
Ans1) The Great Stone Face was a rocky mountain that appeared above a valley. It had the resemblance of a human face..

Q2) What did young Ernest wish when he gazed at it?
Ans2) The young Ernest wished that the Great Stone Face could speak since it appeared so very kindly that its voice must be pleasant. He also desired to meet a man with such a face in his life..

Q3) What was the story attributed to stone Face?
Ans3) People had firm believe that a child would be born whose face would resemble the Great Stone when he would attain manhood.

Q4) What gave the people of the valley the idea that the prophecy was about to come true for the first time?
Ans4 A young man had gone out of the valley to live at a sea port. The man’s name was Gathergold. A rumor spread out in valley that he looked   like the Great Stone Face.

Q5) Did Ernest see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face?
Ans5) Ernest did not see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face. He was rather disappointed.

Q6) Ernest compared the mans face with the Stone Face. What did he conclude?
Ans6) Ernest looked at the General’s face and compared it with the stone Face. He could not recognize it because it was different. So he concluded that the general was also not the man whose face resembles the Stone face.