Sunday, 22 April 2012

8th class-cbse english (It so happen) Chapter-4 (The treasure within)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) What did HC have nightmares about ?
Ans1) HC had nightmares about appearing for a maths examination.

Q2) What did the principal say to HC which influenced him deeply?
Ans2) The principal said to HC he been seeing him from day one. HC was a good student but he never studied. He only focuses on playing. His mother, a widow, worked hard to pay off his fees etc. Principal advised him now rise to the occasion and study. These words of the principal influenced HC deeply.

Q3) HC wanted to join the police force. Why didn’t he?
Ans3) HC wanted to join force but his mother advised him to do his graduation.

Q4) In the architect’s office, HC was advised to drop everything and join architecture. Why?
Ans4) In the architecture’s office he found that the architect’s drawing of window detail was wrong. The architect accepted it.  His cousin’s husband asked him to draw a few specific things. He did that immediately and satisfactory. Hence he was advised to drop everything and join architecture.

Q5) What was Mrs. Gupta’s advice to HC?
Ans5) Mrs. Gupta saw his sketches. She told him that he was useless in everything else but his sketches were good. He should become an architect on growing up.

Q6) How did HC help fellow students who had lost a button?
Ans6) Whenever some students lost a button, they came to HC who would cut a button for them from chalk, using a blade. Thus he helped his fellow students who could not afford to have a new button.

Q7) Who, in your view, is an ‘unusual’ learner?
As7) An ‘unusual’ learner is one who fails in academics but tops in extra activities. He has some special talent that is not counted in academic score. A different learner is a potential achiever. He can leave others behind if somebody sets him on the right path.

Q8) How was Hafeez Contractor an unhappy school day?
Ans8)  Hafeez Contractor lost interest in studies. He cheated in the tests. He performed badly at school. His teachers caned him every week. It made him an unhappy school day.