Monday, 30 April 2012

9th class-cbse english (NCERT BOOK-Beehive)(long answers) chapter-1 (The fun they had)(Issac Asimov)

Answer following questions in about 100 words.

Q1) What are the main Features of the mechanical teachers and the schoolrooms that Margie and Tommy have in the story?
Ans1) Margie and Tommy were getting their education at home by a mechanical teacher. The mechanical   teacher was very punctual. The lesson was taken up regularly at the same time. They have to insert their homework in the slot. The teacher could evaluate the assignments in no time. It could tell how a child was performing. Margie and Tommy were not aware of the old system of education with building and human teachers. The mechanical teacher taught everything. The schoolrooms of Margie and Tommy were next to their bedroom.

Q2) Why did Margie hate school? Why did she think old schools must have been fun?
Ans2) Margie was unaware of old-styled building school. She was receiving education at home by a mechanical teacher. By the real book, Margie came to know about the school with special building and human teachers. She imagined that in that school all the students were of the same age. They all studied together. They shouted and laughed together. All the children from the neighborhood went together. They learnt the same thing and could help the one another.  She wished to study in that kind of school. She thought that these schools must have been fun.

Some more questions for practice.

Q1) How is our present school system different from that of Margie?

Q2) Discuss “The school plays a significant role in the education of the students”?  

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