Sunday, 22 April 2012

9th class-cbse english-(NCERT BOOK-beehive)(poem) (A legend of the Northland)(Phoebe Cary)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) Which country or countries do you think “The Neterland” refer to?
Ans1) The Neterland is a polar region. It is a cold region covered with snow. There the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

Q2) What did St. Peter ask the old lady for? What was the lady’s reaction?
Ans2) St. Peter while moving round the earth reached a little woman’s house. She was preparing cakes. St. Ppeter requested the lady for a single cake.  The lady was very selfish. She took tiny kneaded dough.

Q3) How did he punish her?
Ans3) The priest was very angry with the lady as she was not ready to give even a single leaf of bread. He cursed and changed her into wood –pecker to collect her food from the wood by boring deep into it.

Q4) What is a legend? Why this poem is called a legend?
Ans4)  A legend is an old traditional story. This poem is called a legend because it tells an old story of Northland. This is the story of an old greedy woman who angered St. Peter.

Q5) Describe the theme of the poem ‘A legend of the Northland ‘?
Ans5) Saint peter asks an old greedy lady for a cake. She was selfish and did not give any cake to the hungry saint. It made the saint angry. He turned the lady into the bird. The bird keeps on searching for her food the whole day. We should not be greedy and always help the needy person.

Some more questions for practice.

Q1) How does the woodpecker get her food?

Q2) What was the condition of St.peter after end of the hectic day?

Q3) What was the effect f St. peter’s curse on the old lady?

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