Sunday, 22 April 2012

9th class-cbse english-(NCERT BOOK-beehive)(poem) (On killing a tree)(Gieve Patel)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) Can a ‘simple jab of knife’ kill a tree? Why not?
Ans1) A simple jab of the knife can not kill a tree. Its roots go on curling inside the deep Earth. They keep it well protected and it needs so much power for pulling and cutting down.

Q2) What is the meaning of ‘bleeding bark’? What makes it bleed?
Ans2) ‘Bleeding bark’ here points to the mark of cutting on the bark with heavy and unbearable blows of axe. The continuous and rough blows of an axe make the tree bleed.

Q3) What is the meaning of ‘anchoring earth’ and ‘earth cave’?
Ans3)‘Anchoring earth’ here refers that the roots of the tree that held it firmly in the earth. They hold it properly. ‘Earth cave’ means that after uprooting a tree an opening is formed which is usually deep. It is called ‘earth cave’.

Q4) How do the roots look like when they are pulled out?
Ans4) When the roots are pulled out, they are white and wet. The roots are the most sensitive part of the tree. The real strength of the tree lies in its roots.

Some more questions for practice.

Q1) How has the tree grown to its full size? List the words suggestive of its life and activity.

Q2) What finally kills the tree?

Q3) What does he mean by ‘the strength of the tree exposed?

Q4) What  is the significance of the last phase in the life of the tree ?

Q5) What are the ideas contained in the poem ‘On killing a Tree’?

Q6) There are some ironical details in the poem. Substantiate your answer with facts.

Q7) How does the poet create the feeling of sadness in the poem?

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