Sunday, 22 April 2012

9th class-cbse english-(NCERT BOOK-beehive)(poem) (Rain On the Roof)(Coates Kinney)

Answer following questions in short.

Q1) What does the poet like to do when it rains?
Ans1) The poet likes to lie in a room with a pillow. It will give him the highest pleasure. There he will be in a state of highest bliss.

Q2) What is a ‘bliss’ for the poet in the poem in the poem ‘Rain on the Roof”?
Ans2) The poet loves rain because it carries him in old memories. He thinks it is bliss to hear the sound of the rain on the roof. He lies in his cozy bed and enjoys the music of nature. It’s bliss for him.

Q3)  What shows that the poet loved his mother?
Ans3) The poet loved his mother. He remembered her when he lied on his cozy bed to enjoy the sound of rain. It appears to him as if she was fondly looking at him.

Q4) When does the ‘thousand dream fancies’ began to weave in the poet’s mind?
Ans4) When the poet is in his cozy cottage and he lies in his bed listening to the soft music of rain on the roof his mind is flooded with memories of his mother. He recalls his childhood.

Q5) Write the central theme of the poem?
 Ans5) The poet exhibits that the rain brings him maximum happiness. He lost in dreaming. So many fancies go on revolving in his mind. He loves the pattering of soft rain. 

Some more questions for practice.

Q1) Do you like rain? What do you do when it rains steadily?

Q2) While on the bed during the rains, Where does the mind of the poet fancy?

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